PrimeCare Services

PrimeCare Services

How does PrimeCare make your life easier?

Being an independent provider doesn’t have to mean taking on more work. With PrimeCare, you can access a suite of services that our members use to achieve:

  1. Better patient experience
  2. Lower cost
  3. Healthier community

“We avoid significant cost in contracting and credentialing efforts, so we’re able to put efforts into new treatments and better customer service overall.”

Contracting with Health Plans

PrimeCare represents over 500 physicians when contracting with various health insurance companies and payer organizations. With a history of skillfully negotiating contracts, we are able to minimize overhead costs and attract health care companies who want to work with a large group of physicians.

Provider Credentialing

Many payers require provider credentialing to receive in-network reimbursement. It’s also critical for patient safety and risk mitigation. PrimeCare ensures every provider interacting with a patient has the qualifications to do so.

Provider Recruiting

Recruiting a new member to your independent practice can be daunting. We have experts at every step of the recruiting process, eager to connect you with top-tier talent and find qualified candidates to fill your open positions quickly.

Group Contracting

We are able to dramatically simplify the process of contracting for support services. We’ve built relationships with professionals around Southern Oregon who provide top-tier service to our members. No need to search for help on your own, we can help you with contracting for:

  • Medical Supplies
  • Office Equipment and Maintenance
  • IT Support
  • Insurance: Health, Liability, and Malpractice
  • Legal Services
  • Recruiting
  • Branding and Marketing

Maintain Provider Database

We update the PrimeCare member directory frequently so our partners can easily search by physician, clinic, or specialty.