Primecare Membership

The Benefits of Membership

What does it mean to be a member of PrimeCare?

There’s power in numbers. With PrimeCare, you have the opportunity to join with other healthcare providers and contract as a group. Our members collaborate and share resources while maintaining their independence. PrimeCare is here to serve you and our 500+ members, advancing the quality of care within our medical community.

Highest Fees for Service

As a member of PrimeCare, you can be assured you’re receiving the highest possible insurance reimbursement. By teaming up with hundreds of other local providers, you’ll be part of our collective negotiations when it comes to payer contracts.

“Our practice would be unable to get the reimbursements we have without being part of a larger group.”

Value-Based Contracting

We make it easier to care for your patients based on value, rather than the number of procedures or visits. This enhances overall patient wellness, and opens the door for shared savings among PrimeCare members.

Reduce Administrative Burden

We help your practice stay profitable and independent by managing the need for recruiting, credentialing, and contracting. Free up more time in your day by trusting our team do key administrative tasks for you.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Membership with PrimeCare allows you to leverage our support while maintaining the control of being independent. We help physicians improve their operational and financial outcomes with a suite of easy-to-access resources.

“Not having to credential our physicians directly with health insurance plans is a significant time saver.”

“Hands down, the credentialing process that PrimeCare does for our MDs is the biggest benefit, followed by negotiating reimbursement contracts.”